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FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a means by which you may 
transfer files from one computer to another. When you have 
an account with WWWHostingServer, the two computers involved are 
your desktop computer and your WWWHostingServer web server. In 
order to make use of your web hosting account with 
WWWHostingServer, you need to move your web site files from your 
desktop to your WWWHostingServer web server so that your site will 
be displayed live on the Internet. This process is 
called "uploading" files.

At some time, you might also want to retrieve Web site files 
from your account at WWWHostingServer and put them on your 
desktop computer to retain a backup copy of your site, for 
example. This process is called "downloading" your files.

FTP is also used to refer to the FTP Client, a software 
program used to transfer files. You will need to obtain an FTP 
client and install it on your computer in order to be able to 
upload and download files to your WWWHostingServer hosted web 

We highly recommend you to use an FTP client to transfer 
your files to your server, instead of using the Cpanel File 
Manager, as FTP is easy to use, much faster than File 
Manager, and has got a friendly interface. Currently WS_FTP 
is one of the most user-friendly FTP clients and we 
recommend it to our valued clients. Please try to download 
WS_FTP from Install the .exe file and use the 
following information to connect to your site:

- Open WS_FTP Pro
- Click on Create Site...
- Type as the name of the site. Leave the 
other box empty.
- Click on the NEXT button.

NOTE: If your domain name is already propagated and 
active, you can use as the Hostname and, if 
not yet, please use the IP address which has been mentioned 
in your Welcome E-mail.

- Type the IP Address or the domain according to the above 
note, as the host name and click on the NEXT button.
- Type your username as the username.
- Type your password as the password and click on the next.

Now highlight, and, from the right-click 
menu, click on Connect. You can see two windows. The left-
hand side shows the local files (files on your computer) and 
on the right hand window (after you have connected) you will 
see some other folders (public_html. public_ftp and etc.). 
These are the folders on your web site. In the right-hand 
window, double-click on public_html. This will open the 
destination folder.

Now in the left-hand window you should locate the folder 
containing the files you wish to upload. Choose a file and 
double-click on it. The program will upload the file to your 
site. Once it has been uploaded, it will be visible in the right-
hand window. And so on.

If you are using the FREE version of WS_FTP, you will only be 
able to upload one file at a time, which can be time-
consuming. If you have WS_FTP PRO, you will be able to 
upload complete folders and batches of files at once. 

You should upload all your web contents, images etc. to the 
public_html folder.

You need to name your default page index.htm or index.html. 
(Advanced users may use .php .jsp and .shtml.)