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Your account will be activated immediately upon your 
submission of our on-line secure ordering form. 

We value your time, and believe that you need to get going 
without any delay. Upon submission of the on-line order form, 
you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your password and 
instructions on how to get started.

This situation just apply to PayPal and Credit Card payment.

If you are willing to host your domain with WWWHostingServer, you 
need to contact your current hosting provider and ask them 
to change the Domain Name Servers (DNS) over to the 
followings in order for you to be able to use our services:

If you have access to the domain registrar control panel, 
where you registered the domain initially, you can change the 
Name Servers yourself.

After the changes, allow 24-48 hours for name servers to 
propagate over the Internet, and by then your domain should 
resolve to our servers.

WWWHostingServer can arrange and transfer all your files including 
images, databases, e-mail etc. to our servers, only and only, 
if your current hosting provider is offering Cpanel as their 
control panel.

Then we need the following information in order to move your 
data to our servers:

- IP Address:
- Username:
- Password:

There will be a small fee for that operation, in proportion of 
the number of files to process.

To verify and find out if your domain is resolving to our 
servers, please follow these steps:

- Within your Windows click on Start > Programs > 
Accessories and choose Command Prompt.

Then type: ping

If the IP address is exactly the same as IP address 
mentioned in your welcome e-mail, that means your domain 
is resolving to our servers and the propagation has already 
taken place.

In order to minimize the amount of downtime (or no 
downtime), please follow steps listed below:

1. Signup for your desired hosting plan with
2. Start uploading your files to our servers using the IP 
address, username and password given in your welcome e-
3. Login to your Cpanel control panel and create the e-mail 
address (@yourdomain) that you are currently having them 
installed with your current hosting provider.
4. As the last step, you need to switch your two DNS (domain 
names servers) and point them to our name servers as listed 

If you want to transfer your domain registrar (ex. from to, send an e-mail to and request the domain registrar 
transfer. This is in case you are having difficulties with step 
#4 or want to be in charge of renewing and 
managing your domain in future.

All our servers support the requirements of YaBB forums. You 
can get them installed on our servers with no problems.